June 28, 2022

*(S) at the end of a poster title is indicative of a Student poster or oral presentation.

12:00-12:30 UTC – Red Room: Poster Lightning Talks – Sessions 8, 2

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UTCPresenter (click links to download poster)Title (click links for Short Abstracts)
12:00Session 8: Atmospheric boundary layer processes
S08_P01 Wu Y.Diurnal Variability of MLH and Ozone in NYC Urban and Coastal Area from an Integrated Observation during LISTOS 2018
S08_P02 PalmPlanetary Boundary Layer Height Estimates from ICESat-2 and CATS Backscatter Measurements
S08_P03 PanA new algorithm for planetary boundary layer height calculation based on multilayer recognition (s)
S08_P04 ColbergPlanetary Boundary Layer Height Measurements Using MicroPulse DIAL (s)
S08_P05 Zhang D.Comparisons of Planetary Boundary Layer Height Derived using Different Lidar Systems (s)
S08_P06 JaswantAssessment of Planetary Boundary Layer Height Variations over a Mountain Region in Western Himalayas
12:15Session 2: Emerging lidar techniques, methodologies, and discoveries
S02_P13 OkuboDust flow distribution measurement by low coherence doppler lidar (s)
S02_P14 PetrovPerformance of pulsed wind lidar based on optical hybrid
S02_P15 BenzoValidation of the New Version of the WindCube Scan Lidar (s)
S02_P16 KasicDemonstrating Capabilities of Multiple-Beam Airborne Doppler Lidar using an LES-based Simulator (s)
S02_P17 SpulerSemiconductor Lidar Design for Quantiative Atmospheric Profiling
S02_P18 Sacca3D Point Cloud Classification using Drone-based Scanning LIDAR and Signal Diversity (s)

12:00-12:30 UTC – Blue Room: Poster Lightning Talks – Session 3

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12:00Session 3: Atmospheric aerosol and clouds properties
S03_P13 SinghAerosol Optical Properties over Western Himalayas Region by Raman Lidar during the December 2019 Annular Solar Eclipse
S03_P14 LagrosasContinuous Observations of Aerosol-Weather Relationship from a Horizontal Lidar to Simulate Monitoring of Radioactive Dust in Fukushima, Japan
S03_P15 ChoudharyEstimation of aerosols and air pollutants using ARIMA time series model over Talcher coalfield of India
S03_P16 DongStudy on optical and microphysical properties of dust aerosol over Shouxian by polarization lidar and in situ observation (s)
S03_P17 DehkhodaIntegration Method of LIDAR, Satellite, and AERONET Data to Depict a Three-Dimensional Fine Particle Mass Concentration Distribution at the Korean Peninsula (s)
S03_P18 JooA Study on How to Distinguish between Water Vapor and Fine Particles in the Atmosphere Using Scanning Lidar (s)
S03_P19 YabukiAerosol Spatial Distribution Observed by a Mobile Vehicle Lidar with Optics for Near Range Detection
S03_P20 SimAtmospheric factor measurement using three wavelengths of the camera (s)
S03_P21 SzczepanikLong-Term Changes of Optical Properties of Mineral Dust and Its Mixtures Derived from Raman Polarization Water Vapor Lidar in Central Europe (s)
S03_P22 JanickaDifferences in lidar-derived optical and microphysical properties of long-range transported biomass burning aerosol in troposphere and stratosphere (s)
S03_P23 KolgotinParticle Complex Refractive Index from 3beta+2alpha HSRL/Raman Lidar Measurements: Conditions of Accurate Retrieval, Uncertainties and Constraits Provided by Information by RH
S03_P24 CholletonLaboratory Evaluation of the (UV, VIS) Particle Depolarization Ratio of Pure Pollen

12:00-12:30 UTC – Gold Room: Poster Lightning Talks – Sessions 4, 8

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12:00Session 4: Synergistic use of multiple instruments and techniques, networks and campaigns
S04_P13 ShimizuA difference of the depolarization ratio detected at locally generated dust and transported Asian dust over Japan with AD-Net
S04_P14 NemucProfiling of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer at European Scale
S04_P16 WeltonThe NASA Micro Pulse Lidar Network: Features and data products of the operational Version 3 processing system
S04_P17 AjtaiStrengthening aerosol and cloud remote sensing capacities in South-Eastern Europe within the framework of ACTRIS-RI (s)
S04_P18 KuangHuntsville Mobile RO3QET Launch
S04_P19 NewchurchSynergistic Observations of Boundary-layer Ozone with Ground-based, Airborne, and Space-borne Instruments
S04_P20 NguyenImproved Remote Operation Capabilities for the NASA GSFC Tropospheric Ozone Lidar for Routine Ozone Profiling for Satellite Evaluation
S04_P21 RootsAnalysis of a Mid-Atlanitc Ozone Episode using TOLNet and Pandora (s)
12:18Session 8: Atmospheric boundary layer processes
S08_P07 ShibataPrecipitation particle distribution measurement by particle polarization lidar
S08_P08 ChouzaThe Impact of Los Angeles Basin Pollution and Stratospheric Intrusions on the Surrounding San Gabriel Mountains as seen by Surface Measurements, Lidar, and Numerical Models (s)
S08_P09 SakaiAnalyzing the Performance of the new Vaisala CL-61 Ceilometer to Detect and Probe Planetary Boundary Layer Processes.

12:00-12:30 UTC – Green Room: Poster Lightning Talks – Session 9

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Session 9: Atmospheric temperature, water vapor, wind, turbulence, and waves
12:00S09_P01 IshiiA 355-nm Direct-detection Doppler Wind Lidar for vertical atmospheric Motion
S09_P02 Liu X.Observation of Rainfall Velocity and Raindrop Size Using Power Spectrum of Coherent Doppler Lidar (s)
S09_P03 Zhang X.Aircraft Wake Vortex Recognition and Classification Based on Coherent Doppler Lidar and Convolutional Neural Networks (s)
S09_P04 GongTemperature variations characteristics in the middle atmosphere studied with Rayleigh lidar Haikou (19.9°N, 110.3°E)
S09_P05 EngelmannOpen-Ocean in-cloud Vertical Velocity Observations with a Motion-Stabilized Doppler Lidar
S09_P06 ThoboisRetrieving wind profiles over the Paris (France) urban area from a single Doppler Lidar measurements (s)
S09_P07 WingPresenting the New Middle Atmospheric Doppler Wind Lidar at Kuhlungsborn (s)
S09_P08 RepaskyNew Lidar Data Processing Techniques for Improving the Detection Range and Accuracy of Atmospheric Gravity Wave Measurements (s)
S09_P09 HamelExploring Convective Boundary Layer Turbulence Characteristics using Combined Doppler Lidar and Tall-tower Observations over an Arid Region (s)
S09_P10 Li J.A Case Study of Secondary Gravity Wave generation at Alaska with Lidar and reanalysis data (s)
S09_P11 CruikshankMicroPulse Differential Absorption Lidar for Temperature Retrieval in the Lower Troposphere (s)
S09_P12 JayaweeraLong Term Calibration of a Pure Rotational Raman Lidar for Temperature Measurements Using Radiosondes and Solar Background (s)

12:30-14:00 UTC – Amphitheater: Oral Session 2

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Session 2: New Technology
12:30S02_O01 ChuFuture Lidars for Cutting-Edge Sciences in Ionosphere-Thermosphere-Mesosphere-Stratosphere Physics and Space-Atmosphere Coupling
12:43S02_O02 KaiflerFirst detection of thermospheric metastable helium by lidar
12:56S02_O03 MenseVAHCOLI: A New Concept for Lidars
13:09S02_O05 HaymanEnhancing the Performance of the MicroPulse DIAL through Poisson Total Variation Signal Processing
13:22S02_O06 HebertShort Comb Atmospheric Lidar Experiment (SCALE): principles, activities at CNES and perspectives for a new lidar concept

14:00-14:15 UTC Break

14:15-15:15 UTC – Poster Area: Sessions 2, 3, 4, 8, 9

14:15Poster Sessions

15:15-16:07 UTC – Amphitheater: Oral Session 2 (continued)

UTCSessionPresenter (click links to view recording)Title (click links for Short Abstracts)
Session 2: New Technology
15:15S02_O07 TakakuraEvaluation of Multiple Scattering in a Polarization Scheimpflug Lidar System
15:28S02_O08 BuckholtzPerformance of Low-Cost, Diode-Based HSRL System with Simplified Optical Setup
15:41S02_O09 VeselovskiiA step forward in aerosol typing using Mie – Raman – Fluorescence lidar
15:54S02_O10 TatarovLITES: Laboratory Investigations of Atmospheric Aerosol Composition by Raman-Scattering and Fluorescence Spectra

16:07-16:45 UTC – Amphitheater: Oral Session 6

UTCSessionPresenter (click links to view recording)Title (click links for Short Abstracts)
Session 6: Model validation and assimilation using lidar data
16:07S06_O01 CornutAssimilation of aerosol observations from the future spaceborne lidar onboard the AOS mission into the MOCAGE chemistry-transport model
16:20S06_O02 YangAssimilating Radar and Lidar Observations to Improve the Prediction of Bore Waves during the 2015 PECAN Field Campaign

16:45 – ~17:30 UTC – Firepit: Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat will be an informal discussion with a Senior Member of the lidar community where we will hear about personal stories and topics such as the future of lidar.
Speaker: Sara Tucker (Ball Aerospace)